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April 22, 2009
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The wolf cat hybrid Uma by Eclipsedwolf The wolf cat hybrid Uma by Eclipsedwolf
The body structure was referenced off of Celtica's "Celt" ref. sheet off of sheezyart. The body structure, and just the whole piece i love so much!
-This is my fursona, Uma, a wolf/big cat hybird. I have not yet desided which two species to go with that would best come together to make a body structure like this, but what i originally had in mind was a cheetah( for like the long legs, long tail,etc) and the Maned wolf( red fur)...but like i said, thats not set in stone as i don't think they would really work out for this...
-some changes to her are, the heart necklace with a key shape cut out= always worn...and Double piercings in both ears as ive just got my ears double pierced= these are also always worn, at least till i say otherwise xD
-A white rose bush was placed because the capricorn's flower is the white rose x3
-a willow tree was placed because...well i just like them, like my favorite tree and i grew up with them out at my grandparents...
-the canyon scene far in the background was placed because; im working on a comic(4 pages sketched and planned so far) the canyon is the start of it and the opening umm box..:>
-swirly clouds, because there beautiful, and i think they look good, ref.ed them off my "okami dawn" work

-i spent ALOT of time and effort into this picture for both drawing it out and coloring, I'd estimate it at 10+ or so hours over these past 3 days
-the scanner, however, has no mercy...i tryed really hard to get the colors like they are on the picture...but it didnt work out so well (scanner hate light colors, such as my blue skys! xC)
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paranormalFruitLoop Jan 29, 2010
OMG! I have a wolf-cat hybrid fursona as well!! Except mine is a mix of a red wolf and a serval, i need to upload some pics of it. You should check em out, once i get em uploaded of
lol, well she is only a side fursona ;)
KcPengie11 Aug 28, 2009
i think her legs could be a bit more 'relaxed?' it looks like it is forced to keep its legs strait or it'll get shocked
KcPengie11 Aug 29, 2009
not that yours looks horrible or anything
XXKitsunaXX Jun 2, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Awesome fursona! DO you not mind if I drew her out?
Thanks! :love:
I don't mind, that would be awsome :3
XXKitsunaXX Jun 2, 2009  Student Digital Artist
~LucaTheGreenLucario:iconlucathegreenlucario: 2 days 20 hours ago
^^ I like the pose and the colors.

~I'ma firin' mah lazar AHHHHH!!~

Here I sit broken hearted
Tried to shit
But only farted xD
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